Our Internal Audit Division provides Stock Audit also. Stocks and physical assets are important real assets and need repeat watch. As a large number of companies are operating across the borders through multiple locations, some even with various channel partners, ensuring this watch is challenge. We offer our services to companies to keep them assured of their physical assets. Our special Stock Audit team follows a strict audit and reporting mechanism that, each minute aspect of stocks is evaluated and findings are reported in a transparent manner . Stock audits are also undertaken for banks and other financial institutions which have extended credit to businesses against physical goods and assets. We take full care to provide you with comprehensive and most accurate figures of inventories. During this audit, all the records of purchase, sale and movements of stock is taken carefully.
Internal Audit is very important aspect, when we talk of assurance of true picture of state of affairs of an entity. It is checking within the entity. It helps in understanding and assessing risks and evaluates the internal controls and checks. It helps in ensuring optimum utilization of the resources of the entity, as well as timely identification of liabilities including the ones in contingent nature. Internal Audit helps ensuring adequacy of information systems security and controls. Statutorily also certain companies have to have Internal Audit in place.
#Support Services for Tax and Statutory audit
We always strive to keep you updated in the Statutory compliances to be met according to the regulations applicable on the entity. You need not take out a separate time on that, we are always here to see that compliance part remains easy for the managers, while we offer an audit of the same also. Specially for certain type of entities that are engaged in activities that are under control of a regulatory body, should always try to meet all compliances as prescribed in that regulation to avoid the risk. Thus in an such type of entities it is compulsory to identify, manage, and control regulatory risks
#Broadly covered areas
  • Assessment of regulations applicable
  • Risk estimation and reporting
  • Checking all applicable compliances for each such regulation
  • Finding end solutions to assure that compliances are met
  • Updating about new regulations
  • Keeping compliance cost low by avoiding prescribed penalties
  • Complying with regulations on financial statements
  • Staff education and training about applicable compliances
  • Advising incase of regulatory enforcement actions.
#Preparation of books of account on realtime basis
  • Preparation of Accounts from basic records or incomplete records
  • Compilation of Accounts by electronic data processing
  • Compilation of Accounting records for income tax assessments
  • Compilation of cost accounts and product costing.
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Propriety Audit
#Sales Tax(K-vat)
Value Added Tax is tax on trade and is applicable at the State level. From pricing point of view, understanding VAT and complying it fully is necessary. For a smooth and uninterrupted supply chain, it is necessary to check that these taxes are properly dealt with.Yesjay help you in the following areas• Registration assistance.
  • Classification and applicable rates
  • Assistance during assessments
  • Filing of returns and payment of taxes
  • Assessment of impact of VAT/sales tax on businesses
  • Advising on GST
  • Attending appeals and representation before the authorities
  • Recognition of structures to optimize VAT/sales tax incidence
  • Representation
  • Compliance procedures and availing tax benefits
  • Assisting on utilization of Cenvat
  • Advising on documentation that is required to be maintained
  • VAT audit related assistance
In today’s world corporate as well as individuals are required to comply with a number of income tax compliances, which require expert knowledge and are mostly time-bound and technical in nature. Moreover, most of the income tax compliances nowadays are required to be completed online and require specialised knowledge and expertise. we specialise in providing Time-bound and quality Income Tax services to our clients. Our range of Income Tax services cover all aspects of Indian Income Tax Laws. Our services help our clients to operate efficiently and minimise their tax liability. –

Tax Management Services, advisory services to minimise and manage tax liability under Indian Tax Laws Fringe Benefit Tax Services, advisory services on calculation and minimisation of Fringe Benefit Tax Calculation of Advance Taxes Filing of returns of Income Tax, Wealth Tax, Tax Deducted at Source(TDS) Representation before Tax Authorities for Assessments, Appeals, Search & Seizure Cases Employee Tax Management and Salary Structure Designing Services International Taxation & Transfer Pricing.
Service Tax has become an important compliance, specially with the amendment in regulation since 2012. Now almost every service is covered leaving a few exempted. This now has repercussions like registration, filing returns, calculation of service tax payable and so on. We provide all related and nested services include end to end solution like advice on applicability of Service Tax to meeting compliances including Registration and filing of requisite forms with the Department. We also undertake review of specific agreements to identify the applicability of taxYesjay help you in the following areas• Assessing applicability of service tax
  • Registration, single premises and centralized
  • Identifying impacts of latest updates on the entity/service
  • Assisting in calculation
  • Advising on availability of cenvat credit and utilization of the same as per the legislation.
  • Helping in assessments/ other departmental representation
  • Compliance and regulatory consultancy
  • Due Diligence
  • Payment and filing of service tax returns
  • Litigation matters
  • Preparation of appeals and appearing before the authorities.
  • Advising on documentation to be maintained.
  • Assisting in applying for refund of service tax, especially in export cases.
  • Service tax audit related assistance.
  • Structuring of business transactions to maximize tax efficiency
Excise duty is a tax on production. Customs duty is applicable where the goods are imported. As both these are very potential duties, the compliances etc. related to these are also complex. These duties represent a part of the direct cost of the production/trade. There are many a companies that are engaged in manufacturing / imports, these duties represent major costs and hence adequate planning and proper compliance is of prime importance.
Yesjay help you in the following areas• Obtaining Import Export Code
  • Registration with Department of Excise
  • Assessing Classification
  • Assisting in valuation for tax levy
  • Calculation of duty liability
  • Assisting in Assessment
  • Filing of returns and payment of taxes due.
  • Advising on rebates/benefits available under the law
  • Strategy, preparation and filing of appeals and representation before the authorities.
  • Representation before authorities .
#Promotion , Formation , Registration and Restructuring Services
  • Formation and registration of Private/Public/Section 8 Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Partnership Firms, Trusts, Societies, Nidhi companies
  • Registration of Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs)
  • .
  • Setting up of Liaison / Branch / Project Offices of Foreign Entities in India and setting up of subsidiaries of Foreign entities
  • Conversion of Partnership Firms in to LLP/Company
  • Conversion of Private Limited Company in to Public Limited Company and vice versa
  • Conversion of Company in to LLP
  • Registration, modification & satisfaction of charges
  • Registration units under STPI, EHTP, BTP, SEZ and EOU
  • Registration of Import and Export Code (IEC) with the DGFT
  • Registration of Trade Marks, Copy Rights, Patents, Designs, Geographical Indications
#Audit Services
  • Secretarial Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Social Audit
  • Corporate Governance Audit
  • Legal Documentation Audit
  • Certifications under the various Corporate Laws
  • Securities Audit / Share Transfer Audit
  • De-mat Audit
  • Audit for due diligence certifications
#Certification Services
  • Statutory Declaration in Form INC-8 for Incorporation of new company in India
  • Verification of declaration for compliances to commencement of business.
  • Signing of Annual Return of Private / Public / Listed companies
  • Certification of compliance of requirement under Schedule XIII
  • Certification of all documents to be filed with Registrar of Companies to take on record.
  • Certification on Compliance of Company Law Matters
  • Declaration for registration of Memorandum and Articles of Section 8 companies.
  • Certification of extinguishment and physical destruction of share certificates bought back by company.
  • Certification of Form FC-GPR etc. under FEMA
  • Certification of Form under Investor Education and Protection Fund Rules.
  • Certification of allotment of securities as approved by Stock Exchange.
  • Certification of issue of certificates of securities within one month of lodgment.
  • Certificate relating to the quarterly Secretarial Audit for reconciliation as required under notification issued by SEBI
  • Certification as per the Guidelines on consortium arrangements / multiple banking arrangements issued by RBI.
  • Certificate as required for transfer-cum-demat of Shares as required under the NSDL / CDSL Bye laws
  • Certificate as required for completion of the transfers as required under Clause 47 of the Listing Agreement
#Advisory Services
  • Advise on promotion, formation, incorporation, amalgamation, reconstruction, reorganization, acquisitions, takeovers, mergers and winding up of businesses / companies
  • Advise in maintaining Statutory Records & Registers under the Companies Act.
  • Advise on corporate governance
  • Advise on Buy-back of Shares
  • Advise on declaration and distribution of Dividend
  • Advise on structuring and implementation of ESOP
  • Advise on structuring and restructuring of capital
#Representation Services
  • Represent Clients before the Registrar of Companies, the Regional Director and the Company Law Board
  • Represent before the Reserve Bank of India under the FEMA and NBFC matters
  • Represent before Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Represent for negotiations/settlement of disputes
  • Act as Scrutinizer for conducting postal ballot under the Companies (Passing of the Resolution by Postal Ballot) Rules, 2001
#Documentation and Draftiong Services
  • Term sheets / Expression of Interest, Memoranda of Understanding.
  • Investment Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements,
  • Drafting of Articles of Association in line with the Shareholders Agreement
  • Non-Compete Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Joint-Venture Agreements, Foreign Collaboration Agreements
  • Definitive Agreements, Loan Agreements, Stock Swap Agreements, Employment Agreements
  • Service Agreements, Staffing Agreements, Reply to Show Cause Notices, Applications/Petitions to Company Law Board, Notes and opinion on various issues relating to Corporate and Economic Laws
#Consulting Or Management Services
  • Organizing and managing meetings of Board of Directors, Meeting of Shareholders, Meetings of Creditors etc.
  • Drafting of notices, minutes etc. in respect of Meetings of Board & Shareholders.
  • Preparation of Directors’ Reports, Corporate Governance Reports and Annual Reports
  • Change/Correction/Alteration of name of a company
  • Amendment/Change of Object Clause of Memorandum of Association and Amendment of Articles of Association
  • Shifting/Change of Registered Office within city/State or from one State to another State
#Compliance Management Services
  • Understanding the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Reviewing the existing processes to identify, analyze and evaluate the gaps
  • Preparation of Compliance Manual with procedure on managing compliance
  • Monitoring and evaluation of procedures ensuring proper adherence to the policies and systems
  • Communication and reporting to the Board on a regular basis rom one State to another State
#Services to Lending Institutions
  • Issue of search and status reports
  • Advising on loan documentation and stamp duty etc.
  • Opinion on various company law matters
  • Advising on creation and registration of charges
  • Advising lenders in safeguarding their interest consequent to change in the constitution of the borrower including change in management and ownership
  • Diligence Report – Certification as per the Guidelines on consortium arrangements / multiple banking arrangements issued by the RBI
#Intellectual Property Rights
  • Ascertaining the rights – Copyrights and Trade Marks
  • Registering the Copyrights and Trade Marks with the concerned authorities
  • Maintaining and renewal of the Rights
#Corporate Governance
  • Advising and implementing Corporate Governance Standards set by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and Listing Agreement with the Stock Exchanges
  • Facilitating and bringing Independent Directors on the Board of Directors as well as training them on their rights, duties and responsibilities on the Board of Companies
  • Advising and implementing Secretarial Standards set by Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)
#Advisory on Capital Raising
  • Assisting in arriving at the capital structure – proper mix of equity and debt Identifying the appropriate capital sources including the following:
  • Capital raising from seed to growth
  • Equity raising through Initial Public Offer, Private Equity etc.
  • Issuing Corporate Bonds
  • Overseas funding in the form of Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB), External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), Global Depository Receipts (GDR) etc
  • Assisting in preparation of Business Plan / Information Memorandum
  • Advising on the appropriate time for raising funds and all the relevant strategic and regulatory issues concerned with fund raising
  • Connecting with the various intermediaries such as Merchant Bankers, Credit Rating Agencies, Bankers, Legal Council, Accountants, Listing authorities etc.
  • Listing related compliance
  • Drafting the necessary documents relating to capital raising
#Tele-calling Services
Telecalling division is a panel of dedicated telecalling executives. We are able to handle large volume of telephone calls in different languages (HINDI,ENGLSH , MALAYALAM)with pleasing communication skills. And the division is provided with healthy working environment.
#Technical Support Division
Technical support division is able to handle mass volume of manpower and talented in accounting services. Coordination were experienced in planning the travelling routes with reduced travelling risks
#Market Research Division
This division offers a capable management for decision making about product designing development and launching .Also helps to access customer and employee satisfaction levels
#Data Entry Division
We are able to handle large volume of data entry activities with qualified experienced manpower updated equipments and comfortable working environments.
We provides trained and skilled accountants to complete your accounting needs on contract basis , Continued from beginning to the end of financial year
#Digitization Service
RFSIL MC provides state-of- the-art services for digitization of records and documents in large organizations. These services are focused to ensure a smooth transition for client organizations which are engaged in the process of moving their physical records to an electronic format. Digitization services from the stable of comprise of a full featured transition program for RFSIL MC documents and physical records that are slated to be stored in digital repositories. The procedure for conversion of physical records to electronic records comprises of the following steps.
  • Document Preparation: Includes the logging and unitization of files
  • Document Scanning: Includes the imaging and conversion process
  • Document Coding: Includes the identification of search and retrieval data
  • Document Indexing: Inclusion of coded data into files and meta-data
  • RFSIL MC offers physical record management services that are focused to improve the operating costs incurred in the storage and maintenance of documentary records in large organizations Adding some benefits of physical record management service
  • Identification and authentication of records
  • Logical indexing and storage of records
  • Tracking of records in circulation
  • Disposal of records that have reached obsolescence
  • Scan-on- demand and delivery
  • Fax-back delivery
  • Courier delivery
  • Protection from legal and compliance related risks
  • Savings in terms of time and money
  • Security of vital assets
  • Maximization of productivity
  • Streamlined operations
  • Generation of trust and confidence